Websites and Graphics
custom-crafted for your endeavor

by Jim
"Mama said there'd be days like this..."
- Smokey Robinson

Websites and Blogs

Custom-crafted websites and blogs are available and affordable for you, your company, or your organization. All designs are unique, and are developed without templates for a distinct appearance that is easy to read and navigate.

Branding and Layouts for Marketing

Logos, flyers, business cards, and company brochures. Whatever your need, design continuity throughout all your marketing material is essential in building brand recognition.

Book Layout and Typesetting

Your book, including cover design and page layout, delivered print ready for publishing!

"Mama said..."

Dealing with the development of a website, or branding for your organization can easily give you a "day like this". Life presents enough challenges, and you have other things that demand your attention. Prices are reasonable, negotiable, and dependent on your needs, but first, you have questions.

Let's talk!

Who is Jim?

Jim Miller

That would be me, Jim Miller. I know, it sounds like it may be fictitious. I retired from  a career in technical marketing some time ago, and had begun designing websites in 2002 mainly out of curiosity. This led to serving as webmaster for Toastmasters International's North and Central Florida District for over fifteen years. Now, I'm enjoying life and helping folks with their websites and graphics challenges.

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